Need 4 giant spiders in a hurry?  How about a few rocks?

Any character token or notecard or image object on a map or tabletop can be duplicated using Ctrl+D or right-click, "Duplicate". Once duplicated, you can move these objects around independently, resize them, rotate them.  It's a great way to quickly get a bunch of whatever it is you need on the map or tabletop.  (Hey, Fiasco players--it works with dice too, so create a black die, a white die, and start duplicating.)

Here's one thing to watch out for.  Character tokens are treated differently.  They refer back to a specific character.  Duplicating the token doesn't create a new character--it just gives you two tokens for the same character.  Whether this is good or bad depends on why you were duplicating in the first place.  In the not-so-distant future (that is, by the time there's a combat tracker and the relationship between character and token really matters), I'll tidy up the semantics of duplication with regard to characters.  In the meantime, it just hasn't been an issue for me.  Normally, if I just need 4 giant spiders, I don't really care that the four tokens refer to the same character.  I just consider that giant spider character as representing the group.  They don't live long enough for me to care.