This article discusses how to create a game and invite your players. 

When I use the word "game" in this article, I don't mean "D&D" or "Pathfinder", or the adventure I'm running (e.g., "Rise of the Runelords"). I mean my specific game, so "John's Thursday Night Rise of the Runelords Campaign". I probably wouldn't call it that, because there's not a global games catalog or anything like that--I'm just going to invite a couple friends, so I probably don't need to be that specific. I might just call it "Runelords", trusting that this will be identifiable enough for my players and I. (But who knows? If you're in tons of games...)

One more bit of preliminary info: Everyone, GM and players alike, downloads, installs, and runs EpicTable. It's the same application for everyone--there's no separate "player client" or anything like that. The only difference is the options available to licensed users vs. unlicensed users. (During the trial period, you're treated as if you were a licensed user.)

So, that out of the way... To create a game, click "New Game" on the EpicTable Start Page and give it a name. From that point on, the game is in your games list, and you just need to select it and click "Enter the Game Room". But first, let's invite our players. Select your game and click "Invite". EpicTable will give you an invitation code that you can email or IM or otherwise get to your players. They'll accept the invitation and you're all set.

The following video demonstrates this in detail: EpicTable - Create a Game

This exchange of the invitation is a one-time thing. After you've done that, both GM and players can get into the game simply by selecting the game in their list and clicking "Enter Game Room". There's no network to configure or server to select or anything like that. Once a game is in your games list, you have everything you need to join that game. EpicTable takes care of getting you connected.