Game objects--characters, maps, tabletops, dice rolls, and handouts--appear in multiple places in EpicTable when they're opened or shared. Characters appear in the Portrait Bar when shared. Maps and tabletops appear in the tabbed area in the center of the screen. Closing a tab or removing a character from the portrait bar unshares the object, meaning that no one but the owner of the object has access to it anymore. However, it does not remove it from the game. If you go to the ribbon (the tall menu at the top of the window), you'll find a tab for each of the object types. Let's look at the "Maps and Tabletops" tab, for example. Within that tab, there's a gallery showing all of the objects of that type in your game. To act on an object, right-click on it and you'll see a menu. To remove the object, select "Remove from Game".