EpicTable containing the following changes is available now. This is a backwards-compatible, free update. You can download the latest from http://www.epictable.com/download/


  • Fix for failure in automated error reporting.
  • Minor visual changes (that have bothered at least me for a long time)
    • Fixed the background texture seam in the chat windows over a certain size.
    • Lightened the woodgrain background on the default skin.
  • Fix for issue with character tokens that have neithera token image nor a portrait image (i.e., should just have the character name on the token)
    • Symptom: Token shows up as a big orange square with a question mark. 
    • Note that for this one, the damage was done when the character token was created. To get the token to work, the offending token has to be removed and recreated. To do this, simply select the token, delete it, and then drag it back to the map from the portrait panel or the character gallery. 
    • The issue is on the token creator side, so if you're updated, but one of your players isn't, and he's dragging character tokens onto the map, you'll hit this even though you've installed the update. 

Thanks to the users who reported these issues.