EpicTable, containing the following changes is available now. 


  • Fix for the Invite function that was causing invitations not to be presented to the GM.

  • Backwards compatibility fix for notecards
    • ET 1.3.11 could not load notecards created by earlier versions. ET 1.3.12 can.

  • Liveness fix for notecards
    • Notecard edits weren't being communicated to other users until they reloaded the map or tabletop.

  • Token/Object Lock fix
    • The Lock setting on Map/Tabletop objects (including but not limited to character tokens) wasn't being correctly conveyed to users in some cases, allowing them to move objects they shouldn't have. These moves were blocked at the messaging layer, meaning they had no impact on anyone else, but they left that user's map out of sync with respect to the "locked" object that they'd been able to move.

Thanks to the users who reported these issues.