EpicTable 1.3.17 is out and ready for download (or auto-update if you have 1.3.15 or later installed).

This update consists of image retrieval fixes and opacity enhancements.

Image Retrieval Fixes

This change is invisible to the user but prevents "retry and fail forever" scenarios in image retrieval. These are rare and mainly come about from people switching computers or players introducing images and encountering some sort of network issue before the game host takes over ownership of them.

Opacity Enhancements

This version adds support for setting the opacity of images and character tokens on maps and tabletops. I've also made some minor changes to the opacity slider--made it a bit wider, so it's easier to work with, and made changes reflected immediately, as you slide the slider. This makes it a lot easier to adjust, as opposed to the old "tab out or click somewhere else" method.

In case you're unfamiliar with opacity, it's under the Format menu on the ribbon, which only comes up when you have an object on the map or tabletop selected. Opacity used to be supported for just the various types of text objects, like index cards, edit fields, and rich text boxes. Now you've got it for image objects and character tokens as well.

The primary scenario where this comes in handy is if you're using an image for a spell effect or something. With an totally opaque image you'd end up obscuring the other objects on your map. This lets you tweak the opacity so that you can still have your spell effect but see the tokens underneath.

For character tokens, I can imagine using this to indicate that a character is using stealth or is invisible. It does make them a little hard to see, though, so you may find this more or less useful depending on the background. You might wonder: Does this allow me to make tokens invisible to the players? Not really. They're still selectable, so they're not really hidden, and the opacity is the same for the GM and the players, so it's really just about indicating a character is hidden, not actually hiding them from the players.

Update Details

As usual, this is a free, backwards compatible update that you can install over or alongside your existing EpicTable installation.